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Equipment for chemical surface treatment

    Equipment for degreasing, phosphating, pickling and other chemical surface pretreatment technology
  • Chamber spray equipment
  • Through spray equipment
  • Tank links (suspension type, drum type, type with baskets for goods dipping)
  • Other equipment (dipping desks, workplace with highpressure equipment and other)

Equipment for electroplating practice

    Equipment and operating set for chemical and electrochemical operations of surface treatment
  • Technical coating and coating systems (Cu, Ni, Cr, Ni-Cr, Zn and alloy coating, anodizing)
  • Decorative coating
  • Equipment for salvage of waste-waters and chemical products

Equipment for waste water treatment

    Waste water treatment station from technology process of:
  • Surface treatment of metals and plastics
  • Painting shops
  • Dyeing shops
  • Tanning industry
  • Hardening rooms
  • Car washes

Painting line

    Painting shops for application of powder plastics
  • Continuous lines
  • Painting shops with fluid application
  • Hand workplace (integrated booth, through integrated booth, application equipment pro hand application of pošder plastics)
    Painting shops with technology of electrophoresis and autophoresis
  • Tank lines
  • Contiuous lines
    Painting line for application of cating composition by the spraying
  • Continuous lines
  • Hand workplace (spraying boxes and suction walls with dry filtering system, spraying boxes with filtering system)

Industiral dry ovens and burning ovens

  • Chomber, through, tank
  • Conventional heating and infrared heating (source of heating energy: electrical energy, gas, vapor, warm water)

Equipment for blasting

  • Pneumatic blasting boxes (suction and compressive)
  • Blasting chambers with compressed-air blasting units
  • Automatic blasting equipment with projectiole units
  • Sprayed boxes and chambers with web or dry separators of metallic dusts
  • Electro-arc and gas sprayed equipment include additional materials

Membrane technology

    Equipment for micro, ultra and nanofiltration
  • Plastic membranes
  • Ceramic membranes
    Reverse-osmotic equipment
  • Treatment of procedural waters
  • Production of most clean water

Conveyer and manipulating technology

  • Roller and belt conveyers
  • Overhead, floor and plate conveyers
  • Special lift and manipulating equipment
  • Horizontal and vertical carousel racks

Machine production

    Production of own equipment include special-purpose machines
  • Production of crush and turn-off
  • Production of hall construction include jacketing
  • Processing of zinc-coated and sheet steel
  • Processing of stainless material
  • Locksmith and wlding works
  • Cuttin, scissors and folding of sheet-metals
  • Production of powder and controlpanells till 200A

Air-condition and filtering systems

    Air-conditioning ducts, air-industrial distributions
    Complex filtering systems for painting shops, chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Systems are used for the liquidation of organic matters and similar matters from exhaust air
  • Systes are based on the catalytic burning principle by means of concentrate reversible filtration
    Air filters
  • Floor and roof filters
  • Frame and buckt pre-filters
  • Bucked filters for bulldust (filtering system with activated carbon)

Product made from plastic (PP, PE, PVC)

  • House waste water treatment plants
  • PP swimming pools according to customer requirements
  • Tanks, reservoirs septic tanks
  • Equipment for chemical operations

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